Sarah & Dale Wedding

The weather for the wedding day was pretty crap, but everything else made up for it. These two were awesome to photograph!

D&S 001

D&S 002

D&S 004

D&S 005

D&S 006

D&S 007

D&S 008

D&S 009

D&S 010

D&S 011


Couple of weeks ago I needed to try out a quick and easy setup for producing white background images with minimal setup time. Had it figured out in my head prior but who better to test it out on than the closest available kid.
This is my youngest Obi who has always loved being in front of the camera and also behind it too.





Woods Creative rebranded the awesome local not for profit Avalon, They have an amazing setup and provide some incredible opportunities for their trainee’s.

The Rebranding is incredible and really suits who Avalon is as a business and as a force within the community, you can check out more of their work here

A lot of our images where used in their Annual report as well as heaps in their new branded material.

100910 - Avalon Annual Report 2010 FA lowres spreads 2

100910 - Avalon Annual Report 2010 FA lowres spreads 4

100910 - Avalon Annual Report 2010 FA lowres spreads 5

100910 - Avalon Annual Report 2010 FA lowres spreads 6

100910 - Avalon Annual Report 2010 FA lowres spreads 7
100910 - Avalon Annual Report 2010 FA lowres spreads 8
100910 - Avalon Annual Report 2010 FA lowres spreads 11
100910 - Avalon Annual Report 2010 FA lowres spreads 16

Pete & Jo

Being slack and busy has meant that this is rather late but Pete (see previous post) wanted to do some more images for his acting portfolio but this time brought along a friend, Jo. Had a fun morning out and about with these two just shooting at several places around Tauranga.

OBS_1625 - Version 2


OBS_1674 - Version 2

OBS_1794 - Version 2

OBS_1815 - Version 2

OBS_1848 - Version 2

Priority One

The P1 Annual Report has just been released for this year. Spent a day with Reuben from Woods Creative morning shooting staff and the afternoon shooting post-it notes for some of the pages.

2009-10_Annual_Report 1-2

2009-10_Annual_Report 4-5

2009-10_Annual_Report 6-7

Amy & Victors Wedding Photo-booth

At the wedding we set up a photo-booth that ran for most of the night, ran by my wonderful wife.
It was the first time we’d done it but it seemed to be a bit of a hit.

Amy & Vic PB - Obscura 001

Amy & Vic PB - Obscura 002

Amy & Vic PB - Obscura 003

Amy & Vic PB - Obscura 005

And my personal favourite of the night goes too…

Amy & Vic PB - Obscura 004

Amy & Victor’s Wedding

Finally back, we had our computer decide to retire last week which delayed us even more in getting these shots up. The entire wedding was so much fun although it was the worst weather ever!! Mills Reef played host to the day and we were lucky we got a break in the weather to escape, but the weather had something else in mind and everything closed in and visibility was terrible.
We set up a photo-booth at the reception which seemed to be a hit (I’ll post some of these images tomorrow).

Amy & Vic - Obscura 001

Amy & Vic - Obscura 002

Amy & Vic - Obscura 003

Amy & Vic - Obscura 004

Amy & Vic - Obscura 005

Amy & Vic - Obscura 006

Amy & Vic - Obscura 007

Amy & Vic - Obscura 008

Amy & Vic - Obscura 009

Amy & Vic - Obscura 010

Amy & Vic - Obscura 011

Amy & Vic - Obscura 012

Amy & Vic - Obscura 013

Amy & Vic - Obscura 014

Warrick & Jo Wedding 10-7-10

This day was incredible, supposed to be winter but it was more Summer than not. I think both Warrick and Jo were a little nervous about being on Camera all day, but you’d never have known. An amazing couple to spend the day with.
Thanks Guys… Enjoy

Warrick & Jo Blog 01

Warrick & Jo Blog 02

Warrick & Jo Blog 03

Warrick & Jo Blog 04

Warrick & Jo Blog 05

Warrick & Jo Blog 06

Warrick & Jo Blog 07

Warrick & Jo Blog 08

Warrick & Jo Blog 09

Warrick & Jo Blog 10

Warrick & Jo Blog 11

Warrick & Jo Blog 12

Warrick & Jo Blog 13

Warrick & Jo Blog 14

Merivale Community Centre

We ran a evening workshop for 5 kids from the Merivale area with the community centre last week. The program was sponcered by ALAC and so the theme had to fit in with that and the affects of alcohol abuse. The kids came up with their own concepts as well as how and where they were going to shoot the images.
It was an awesome week and amazing to watch the images grow…

OBS_6812 - Version 4

OBS_6627 - Version 2



OBS_6640 - Version 2


Tidy Up

Was time for a reorganize of our Image Library and thought I’d chuck up some images we have been involved with prior to being able to show off on a website…

ABN Amro Craigs/Craigs for Woods Creative.

81011 - AAC 'Invest Beyond the Farm' Ad_FA 2

81012 - AAC 'Invest Beyond the Farm'

BECA for New Tauranga Harbour Bridge Touchdown, Blessing, Opening and Public Open Day.

BECA-NZTA - Obscura 0625

BECA-NZTA - Obscura 9656

BECA-NZTA - Obscura 9725

BECA-NZTA - Obscura 9753

BECA-NZTA - Obscura 6542

Blokart International for Woods Creative.

Blokart - Obscura 011

Blokart - Obscura 012

Blokart - Obscura 0046

Blokart - Obscura 8748

Blokart - Obscura 8756

Universal Homes for Coopers Real Estate.

Coopers Real Estate - Obscura 4669

Coopers Real Estate - Obscura 4690

Design Mobel for Woods Creative.

DM Lineup Group Hi-Res

DM Your Sleep

DM Your Health

DM Your Design

DM Your World

Fletcher Construction of the New Tauranga Harbour Bridge. We did a complete Time Lapse Video of each ‘push’ of the Bridge as well as some on-site images through-out the Project.

Fletcher Construction - Obscura 0698

Fletcher Construction - Obscura 9706

Fletcher Construction - Obscura 8343

Fletcher Construction - Obscura 8117

Fletcher Construction - Obscura 8112

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